What’s Your Perspective?

Recently SmashingMagazine.com held a coffee mug photo contest. The link reports that around 470 mugs were entered into the contest. With the weather getting colder, my coffee addiction continues to grow, so of course this was of interest to me. {Coffee + Photography= Happiness} While scrolling through some of the top entries, the following occurred to me. If a typical, boring object such as a coffee mug can be put in such an interesting light, enough so as to create a photo contest and be a top story on a major design blog, it really is all about the perspective. The angles, coloring, treatments & effects, the complete composition of the photos were what made a typical coffee cup something photo-worthy. Willow can do the same for you. No matter your product, purpose, or intended goal, we can help you define your perspective to make your company stand out and be something worthy of notice.

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