Raising the Bar and Catching the Rays! [Plus the Weekly Wrap Up]

Christie and Megan enjoy a little sunshine while catching up on a little business.

Sometimes out-of-the-box thinking isn’t enough to raise the bar on client’s marketing efforts. Sometimes it requires out-of-the-office thinking! A change of pace and getting a little sunshine on your face.

This great weather brought out the bistro tables and chairs. And they’re not just for lunch anymore. The Willow Sidewalk Cafe is a great place for an impromptu meeting, a quiet spot to write or a simple cup of coffee first thing in the morning while reviewing email.  Chris and Brad even worked a 2 mile walk into their weekly morning meeting as they hit the sidewalks on Meridian Kessler. Who says you have to sit behind a desk to get things done? Take it to the streets. Or the sidewalk.


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