Marketing Firms Use Hot Glue Guns, Too

Pinterest is honestly my new favorite form of social media right now (no offense, blogging). I mean, think about it – where else can you browse and be flooded with every type of creative inspiration out there? I’m pretty convinced that Pinterest is creating a new form of creative community and it’s making DIY projects that much more tangible.

It’s definitely bringing out the crafty kids in us here at Willow. Without Pinterest, I don’t think we’d ever know just how many people actually own glue guns, enjoy cutting out little pieces of fabric and would use their lunch break to step away from their computers only to continue to use their creativity with a more hands-on approach.

Which leads me to our most recent Pin Buster Project. Only two of us were able to attend the party this time, but it was definitely worth it (even the multiple hot glue gun burns to the finger tips were worth it).

The Project: Pom Pom Bib Necklace
The Participants: Marizka and Sarah
The Results:

If you enjoyed this Pin Buster Project, be sure to check out our last one. Better yet, check out our Pinterest Boards and see what inspires us.

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