Facebook Fans: How Millennials are Interacting with Organizations on Facebook

A recent survey including 414 participants between the ages of 18-29 from three university campuses, asked participants about their interaction with organizations on Facebook.

Photo credit: The Measurement Standard

The results showed that while 86 percent are visiting Facebook every day, they are not on there to learn about brands. Their reasoning for not connecting with brands on the social site includes being annoyed by repetitive posts, sales pitches and the fact that a lot of brands don’t interact with fans via comments or posts.  (Which we realize can easily turn into a PR nightmare, but that’s an entirely separate post.)

The goal is to get millennials to like your brand on Facebook, ultimately to drive traffic and increase brand awareness with a pretty influential demographic. To do so, you have to keep them interested. Luckily the survey tells you what that demographic seems to be looking for, Millennials say they are more likely to like an organization/brand/company if their Facebook page:

  • offers discounts
  • offers product samples
  • sends event invitations
  • sends personal invitations
  • incorporates games or “fun” applications

Some good news for a large sector of Willow’s clients however, 75 percent of those surveyed are continuing to “Like” organizations on Facebook, while only 45 percent “Like” brands. The types of organizations most “Liked” are:

  • sororities and fraternities
  • non-profits
  • sport teams
  • local organizations
  • college organizations
  • bands

The take-away message from this research is ultimately a brand or organization’s Facebook page needs to be interactive and informative to have a good following. Having a happy balance between not enough and too much contact is key. If a brand is not keeping an active presence online then it is easy for followers to see no reason to stay connected to them.

Check out The Measurement Standards full four-part infographic on the research for more information.

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