Are We There Yet? Following A Strategic Direction [Plus the Weekly Wrap Up]

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It’s that time of year when everyone is taking their vacation to go relax on a beach somewhere or visit family they don’t see often. I remember traveling as a child and going with the flow – as long as I was with my family, I was ok. While riding along in the car, my brother and I would ask my parents (jokingly) “are we there yet?!” There were actually times when we had no idea where we were headed.

No matter where you’re headed, it’s always important to have a direction. Even impromptu road trips start out by choosing the best route to take. Well, the same is true in marketing. If you don’t have a direction, then how are you supposed to start?  If you can’t start, you’re not going to get anywhere.

I recently read part of a publication about “Creating a Strategic Direction” and found some really helpful advice. It discusses how you have to define a strategic vision. To do this there are three tensions:

  • seeing ahead versus seeing behind
  • seeing above versus seeing below
  • seeing beside versus seeing beyond

This type of planning can help you to see what’s around you without becoming caught on the negative things that have happened previously.

What’s another thing that happens on a trip? Detours and traffic. You have to be ready for change when you take a trip because you never know where construction is going to pop up (especially in Indiana.) You are then faced with having to make a choice: Do I follow the detour and sit in this traffic or do I take a different path?

One thing that Willow has done over our 20 years is made a new path to help adjust in an always changing market. As technology changes, Willow has adapted to the road ahead instead of just being left behind in the traffic. For example, we have made strides to have a bigger representation in social networking. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course on this blog! Willow is always willing and ready to adapt to the changes that are required by clients. Something that makes us unique is that each Willow Shrub brings their own unique niche to the table to get the job done.

What are you doing to make sure you aren’t left behind at the rest stop? Are you riding shot gun with the map on where to go next?


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